Above and Beyond the View Line

Noa Hazan and Avital Barak The question of ownership is pivotal to the last article in the collection , Hagar Ophir ’ s “ I See Her and I See Neither Mountain nor Temple . ” Here , the author seeks to reconstruct a connection between herself and a Palestinian girl from Ramallah appearing on a photograph by Palestinian photographer Khalil Raad . She asks whether and how we can bridge the gap between the present moment of the writer , well aware of the separation and erasures infl icted on the landscape in the photograph during the War of 1948 , and the present moment of the photographic subject , still unaware of the catastrophe about to befall her people . Raad ’ s photograph evokes for Ophir the image of Theodore Herzl , leaning from a balcony during the Fifth Zionist Congress in Basel . The Herzl photograph which symbolizes the formation of the political Zionist vision , represents the process that will soon severe the life course of the woman in Raad ’ s picture and , ultimately , p...  אל הספר
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