How many political- theological particles can be replicated from a single ?photograph

Muhammad Jabali Noa Hazan ) PhD ( is a visual culture scholar at the Center for Media Culture and History in New York University . Her researches exposed the role of institutional photography and national museum exhibitions in the recreation of racial hierarchies among Jews during the establishment of the Israeli state . She is the -co editor of Visual Culture in Israel . Avital Barak is a movement and performance scholar and a PhD candidate at The Porter School of Cultural Studies , Tel Aviv University . Her research deals with forms of resistance in public Movement Performances . She is the curator and the head of “ Thoughts About ”Gesture research group , at The Institute for Public Presence , Holon . A volume based on the group ’ s work will be published in MAARAV Magazine on 2018 . Since 2014 , she is the coordinator of “ Living ”Together research group at the Minerva center for The Humanities Tel Aviv University . trust of the Waqf offi cials and was chosen to documents over nine...  אל הספר
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