The return to the monument

Hava Schwartz The photograph holds all these meanings as it waits for its encounter with the viewer . The delayed moment of confronting the photographed event is what creates the meaning of the picture . The Dome , despite its static state , appears as the driving force of the , picture and as a symbolic catalyst of the reality it depicts . The struggle between symbols in the picture as well as in reality , is what makes the picture an example of those cases in which a visual representation of the monument cannot replace the monument itself . It seems that only the real remains , the actual monument , can recharge itself with new meanings . From beyond the numerous archival items depicting its likeness , the Muslim mosque resists being made into yet another product in a materialist - capitalist structure that supplants historical sites with their photographs . It remains a meaningful symbol that tarries to accept a unipolar world . From a Muslim perspective , it stands as a mechanism o...  אל הספר
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