Temple and Law

Haim Yacobi Hava Shwartz , is a PhD candidate in the Cultural Studies program at the Hebrew University , Jerusalem . She completed her MA in Policy and Theory in the Arts at the Bezalel Academy of Arts , Jerusalem . She works as an art history teacher and as a tour guide in Jerusalem . The violent events in Jerusalem in the latter part of 2015 and throughout 2016 have arisen against the backdrop of tensions around Temple Mount , as a place and as a symbol . In , the absence of any evidence of intention by the Israeli authorities to harm the mosques , in the national consciousness increasingly moulded by the symbolic national landscape the absent Temple is becoming a national monument , all the more conspicuous through its absence . The Zionist project is re - articulated in the national memory landscape . The symbolic national core constructed in West Jerusalem prior to the reunifi cation is losing tre of Israeli nationality , edged out by the national memory as ê ’ its primacy as the ...  אל הספר
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