Moving the Second Temple

Yael Padan the chambers of the justices as “ a forbidden city , ” the area of the chambers in the Supreme Court is a forbidden city within a forbidden city attempting to construct a truly consecrated hierarchy . The first , second , third and fourth courts , and in their heart of hearts , the holy of holies , attended only by the High Priests in their own very peculiar garments . Thus , the shrine of civic religion is built in the west of the city as a refl ection of the temple that once stood in its east , while blurring the links between function and architectural form on the one hand , and amplifying the metaphor , on the other . This also leads to the exposure and collapse of the supposed dichotomy between Israeli nationalism , which strives to present itself as secular and rational , and religion , which it presents as irrational , mystical and messianic . Prof . Haim Yacobi is an architect and planner , a faculty member at the Department of Politics and Government at Ben Gurion U...  אל הספר
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