Imagination, Memory and Fantasy

Merav Mack Dr . Yael Padan is an architect and architectural historian , with a PhD from the Department of Sociology at Ben Gurion University . She is interested in theoretical aspects of architecture , focusing on models as architectural representations , as well as in architectural practice . She is also involved in the promotion of social justice and equity in the field of spatial planning . Yael studied architecture at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem , and has an MSc in Architectural History from University College London . use of graphic images of the temple from the Holyland Model by other radical Orthodox groups , in which the temple is collaged into the modern landscape , replacing the Mosques on Temple Mount . Such collages propose an alternative reality , based on messianic thought , in which the Third Temple is rebuilt . One example is a collage seen on the cover of a publication called Leshichno Tidreshu by Rabbi Elisha Wolfson of Yeshivat Hesder Safed ) ...  אל הספר
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