From Orientalism to - Militarism Photographic Representations of the Dome of the Rock

Dor Guez Conclusion Sometimes I think that the true “ Jerusalem syndrome ” is imagination itself . Not only pilgrims are affl icted by it , but so is everyone visiting and living in the city , including myself . As I walk the streets , texts and sight blur . Before the days of cinema , television and other media , imagination was largely based on literature . And so , when others think of Jerusalem as a city of stone , for me it is city of the book , a city built on texts , poems , essays and prophecies ; writings engraved in it , erased from it , rewritten in it , translated and travelled from one community to another , spilling from one religion to its rival , and from the city to the wider world . From this bibliophile world I ’ d like to draw an image of Jerusalem as a palimpsest - a city in the image of a book whose ink has faded and was scrubbed out to make room for a new layer of text written on the same pages . The oldest libraries of Jerusalem hold many such palimpsests , remi...  אל הספר
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