The Dome Of The Rock

Since the early days of photography , the Dome of the Rock served as an object of documentation for both local and international - photographers . As time went by the site became one of the best - known photographic subjects in the entire world , and in the Israeli Palestinian visual sphere in particular . The works here respond to the -image infl ation of this sanctifi ed perimeter , and to the different roles these images play in the regional consciousness . They relate to the multiple aspects of the image of the dome as a geographical marker , an architectural structure , a sacred site , an aesthetic — representation , or a symbol of political control ; stretching sometimes to the point of irony — the iconic status associated with it . As part of the collaboration with the Bezalel Department of Photography the book includes some of the photographs presented at the Dome of the Rock exhibition displayed at the Bezalel Photography Gallery in January 2016 . Head of Department of Photogr...  אל הספר
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