Responsibility for Education and Education for Responsibility

Jamal Abu Hussain and Smadar Gonen Responsibility is a value foundin democratic societies that desire to survive , develop , and become more moral . Nevertheless , this value is not suitably addressed in the education system , nor does it constitute an educational goal . Developing the human being ' s spirit and morality does not head the system ' s list of priorities and is not granted its rightful place . Education for responsibility must serve as a cornerstone in all educational settings – be they kindergartens , schools , or teacher education institutions ; it must spark awareness , criticism , and autonomy in the learners . Only in this manner can each of them experiment , err , fail , and eventually accept responsibility for his actions . The collaboration between us – Smadar Gonen and Jamal Abu - Hussain , the authors of this book – occurred while we were working together at Elqasemi College as well as during the many hours we spent conversing about teaching and the cultural dif...  אל הספר
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