The State of Israel as a Modern Jewish Enterprise: An Introduction

| Yair Tzaban In the introduction to New Jewish Time : Jewish Culture in a Secular Age : An Encyclopedic View , Yirmiahu Yovel explained : The term “ culture ” is not limited to literature , art , music , theater , architecture , and the like , despite their centrality within it . Culture also encompasses philosophy and public ideology , historical memory , the use of language , daily life , politics , symbols , institutions , dress , entertainment , leisure time habits , and in short - whatever people create collectively , and which , in turn , influences their interpretations of the world and interpersonal relations . This article , however , will limit itself to the main processes and products and the individuals connected with them . In this spirit , this encyclopedic project ends with a section devoted in its entirety to the State of Israel and the Yishuv that preceded it . The State of Israel is defined here as a “ modern Jewish enterprise , ” first of all , since it is a distinc...  אל הספר
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