Holocaust Deniers

Remembrance Alliance , that was founded upon the initiative of the Swedish government in 1998 , with Prof . Yehuda Bauer and Prof . Dina Porat serving as its advisors . In the assessment of various researchers , Holocaust denial has suffered several blows recently , such as the Irving trial , the activity of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance , and the Pope’s visit to Yad Vashem . In contrast , the issue of the return of Jewish property has somewhat strengthened negative tendencies among populist groups . | Pierre Vidal-Naquet They call themselves “ revisionists , ” a term which they do not deserve . We call them “ deniers , ” and this word says it all : they are not “ revising ” the history of the Holocaust , but - in contrast to their professing to be historians - insisting on denying it . In the beginning , silence and disbelief enabled Nazi Germany’s acts of destruction , at least until 1943 . Meager information reached the West , information that was difficult to ver...  אל הספר
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