10 years ago , a major change took place in the State of Israel – finally , a series of books appeared that gave expression to the secular Jewish voice . We are referring to the series , New Jewish Time : Jewish Culture in a Secular Age – An Encyclopedic View . And , as it was described by the late Prof . Menachem Brinker , who edited a portion of the series , “ This was an opportunity to reveal all of the wealth of Jewish culture . ” The writing of this series also differed from any other such project , as Prof . Brinker explained : “ The encyclopedia was written from a critical academic perspective . By not forcing Judaism into a corner and by accepting that there is no one specific secular Jewish identity , the authors produced a creative , diverse and unbiased publication . ” The encyclopedia comprises four volumes of articles , and an additional volume that provides a particularly comprehensive index . The series was edited by eleven leading academics from all over the world , and...  אל הספר
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