Festival and Holiday in the Ethiopian Jewish Tradition of Beta Israel

Dr . Yosi Ziv The book reports on the fasts , holidays , and other festivals that were customary among the Ethiopian Jews ( Beta Israel ) in their country of origin . According to the Beta Israel tradition , which is based on the words of the Torah , the year cycle commences in the month of Nissan : This' month is the first of the months for you ' ( Exodus 12 : 2 ) and termi - nates at the end of the month of Adar . The traditions and customs of the Ethiopian Jews were meticulously preserved for many years without a written Torah , but rather by means of an oral Torah . This book is the product of approximately 20 years of research involving the collection and documentation of detailed information concerning the traditions provided by religious leaders ( kesim ) and informants from the commu - nity , in conjunction with rigorous investigation for the purpose of locat - ing the contexts and roots of the traditions and customs in the sources . The ways of life of Beta Israel serve as a t...  אל הספר
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