Between History and Fiction: The Holocaust of the Jews of Hungary

Lily Halpert - Zamir in collaboration with Doron Niederland This is the third book in the trilogy titled Between History and Fiction . The first book , The Holocaust of the Jews of Yugoslavia , was published jointly by The MOFET Institute and Yad Vashem ) 1999 ( . The second book , Nazi Ideology and Policy in Literature , Cinema , and Music , which was published by the Moreshet Publishing House ) 2009 ( , focused on the ocaustHol of the Jews of Germany . The present book , which completes the trilogy , focuses on the Holocaust of the Jews of Hungary from a three - dimensional perspective : History , Literature ) prose as well as drama ( , and Cinema . Each of the three above - mentioned countries was selected on the basis of its unique characteristics : Yugoslavia is unique because of its general human mosaic and the heterogeneity of its Jews ) both Ashkenazi and Sephardi ( . In addition , it was the only country in Occupied Europe that was liberated by the local partisan movement r at...  אל הספר
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