Blindness of the Ax On Oded Avramovsky’s Exhibition

Boaz Arad Exhibitions––– Tel Aviv Oded Avramovsky "Good Morning , Mr . Avramovsky " Curator : Boaz Arad Hamidrasha Gallery , 19 Hayarkon St ., Tel Aviv September 2016 Oded Avramovsky's exhibition "Good Morning , Mr . Avramovsky" presents excerpts from a body of work that has cumulated over some thirty years . The works span a wide range of techniques , grounds , and themes , from the intimate to the political sphere , belief in painting and the doubts it elicits . At first sight , the works convey naïveté and serenity , but the surface is misleading . Great tectonic forces transpire under the tranquil façade ; mental masses , such as impulse , horror , and an inclination to violence , collide , merge , or pass one another , brushing against each other , and producing ricochets .  אל הספר
טרמינל, כתב עת לאמנות המאה ה-21