A Visit to Sandra Ramos’s Studio

Cuban Art Rachel Sukman All images courtesy of Sandra Ramos I first heard of Cuban artist Sandra Ramos through my New York friend , Edward Rubin . In October 2016 I arrived at Ramos’s home in a pleasant , quiet part of Havana . The spacious , illuminated studio is located in a large courtyard . Daylight plays an important role in observation of her paintings , so I was happy to be greeted by sunshine as we approached . The studio walls were over ֳ owing with works from different periods in her oeuvre , and a large work table stood in the middle of the room . In the studio we were guided by Liane , the artist’s sister , who was well-versed in the numerous techniques and themes comprising each work . Ramos divides her time between Havana and Miami , where she has another studio , enabling her to work throughout the USA as well . Many of her works address the tough problem of ongoing migration from Cuba to Miami , and some lament the bitter fate of the refugees . Thus , for instance , El ...  אל הספר
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