Neither darkness nor light : Students with visual impairmenst and blindness in Israel Itay Hess This is the first academic book in Israel on issues related to the quality of life of students with visual impairments or blindness ) hereinafter in this book : students with VIR ( , and aims to enhance the quality of life of these students , whether directly or indirectly . Visual Impairment ranges from slight damage to vision to total blindness , and is caused by a deviation of one or more components of the eye from normal development . Relatively few cases are defined as absolute blindness . Approximately 3 , 250 students with VIR attend Israeli educational establishments . Approximately 2 , 500 of them are aged 6 - 18 and attend school , 500 or so are aged 18 and upwards and study in higher education institutions , and about 250 are preschoolers . The book focuses on the challenges faced by students with VIR from early childhood to higher education , and includes a summary of , the knowl...  אל הספר
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