Hanoch Dagan and Benjamin Porat ” “ Listen to Me , you who pursue justice , you who seek the Lord ( Isaiah 51 : 1 , NJPS ) Social justice has posed a test for the human race since the dawn of time . This challenge rears its head every time a group of people is forced to make do with limited goods and resources that are not enough to satisfy all the desires of all its members , in other words , in every society that has — ever existed . Indeed , the proper way to allocate a society ’ s resources or , to use the philosophical terminology , the problem of “ distributive ”justice — is one of the most vexing social questions of all . The question is not merely political ; it is rather the object of serious investigation by , scholars in a variety of fields , including philosophy , law , political science sociology , psychology , and history . The revolution that the Bible produced in the ancient Middle East was manifested , inter alia , in the sphere of distributive justice . It stipulated ...  אל הספר
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