Israel–Slovenia Cultural Exchange

As part of the Israel-Slovenia Cultural Exchange , an exhibition of Slovenian artists will open on May 3 , 2016 at Office in Tel Aviv Gallery ( curator : Brane Kovič). An exhibition of Israeli artists will open at ZDSLU Gallery , Ljubljana on June 2 , 2016 ( curators : Hana Kofler and Rachel Sukman ); each of the Israeli co-curators selected several artists whose work addresses the subject , and these were combined into a single show . Intersections Curator : Brane Kovič › Beti Bricelj Born in Postojna , Slovenia , 1974 lives and works in Slovenia and Scotland Kamila Volčanšek Born in Brežice , Slovenia lives and works in Ljubljana Dušan Kirbiš Born in Jesenice , Slovenia , 1953 lives and works in Ljubljana Marko Kovačič Born Ljubljana , 1956 lives and works in Ljubljana Lučka Šparovec Born in Kranj , Slovenia , 1984 lives and works in Ljubljana Silvester Plotajs Sicoe Born in Ljubljana , 1965 lives and works in Ljubljana Vladimir Leben Born in Celje , Slovenia , 1971 lives and works...  אל הספר
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