At the Intersection of Sensibility and Reason Aspects of Contemporary Slovenian Art Brane Kovič The art scene in Slovenia , a country that until 1991 was one of the federal units of Yugoslavia , is lively and rather complex although little known , even within Europe ( let alone the rest of the world ) . One of the reasons for this is the lack of a gallery network and a practically absent art market , all the more so after the financial crisis that climaxed in 2008 . Nevertheless , production goes on , partly through government and local community support in the forms of scholarships , artist residencies , and other bonuses , including post-graduate studies abroad and various travel grants . On the other hand , Slovenian artists are fairly well informed about the international art scene and events . They follow major exhibitions , biennials , and art fairs throughout the continent , and sometimes overseas , so that  אל הספר
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