Fragile My Heart is Shattered by Reality and Mended by Art

Rachel Sukman The exhibition “ Fragile" attests to a strong will to experience both pain and pleasure in such volumes that make for a life full of love and commitment to the art and culture created in a mad place , which is nevertheless rife with beauty–the place in which we live . As a complex society coming from many different cultures , identity crises are not foreign to us . It often feels as though we are living in a “ bubble" that disregards the tangled social and political situation which we encounter , a state of tension that rises with every piece of news about a terrorist attack . Without an alternative , we seek new ways to confront the uncertainty . On one hand , we are addicted to the news ; on the other hand–the cafés are packed . Thus , we sit on the fence , waiting for a better future . Over the years , Israeli society has  אל הספר
טרמינל, כתב עת לאמנות המאה ה-21