Orly Benjamin and Rona Goclaw, "Narrating the Power of Non-Standard Employment: The Case of the Israeli Public Sector", 42(4) Journal of Management Studies (2005), pp. 737-742, 755-757

INTRODUCTION Processes of organizational change tend to elicit a plurality of voices among members of the organization ( Brown , 1998 ) . Such plurality may reflect the way the change is seen by different units or positions in the organization . It may also emerge among those in similar positions . In this article we followed Brown ( 1998 ) in documenting the plurality of voices among HR managers regarding standard-non employment . We also aimed at documenting the ways in which the power relations between the voices are regulated . Over the course of the 1990 s , various forms of standard-non employment ( NSE ) gained legitimacy among human resource ( HR ) managers , to the extent that work force flexibility is now conceived as of primary importance to organizational efficiency and budgeting ( Felstead and Jewson , 1999 ) . In the form of indirect employment , either through temporary help agencies or via contractors , NSE has become common practice even in competitive-non organization...  אל הספר
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