"Farewell Menash'ke "I never called you Kadishman

Rachel Sukman , Autumn 2006 , Terminal 29 Menashe Kadishman , in his unique way , knew when to come into the world . He was born in Tel Aviv in 1932 . Two years earlier , in 1930 , 50 , 000 residents lived in the city . Who dreamt that only two years later , in 1934 , their number would double . 1932 was an especially important year in the evolving fields of art and culture ; salad days . Everything was marked by hope for the future . In the city streets and in its few caf י s people who would later mark the beginnings of Hebrew poetry , painting , and theater met . Architects Arieh Sharon , Joseph Neufeld , and Ze'ev Rechter contemplated ways to save the appearance of the first Hebrew city , opting for the Bauhaus style . The first Purim parade was held after sketches by Nahum Gutman . The first talking film was screened at the Mugrabi Opera ( the old Opera House on Allenby Street by the beach ) . The Tel Aviv Museum was officially inaugurated at 16 Rothschild Boulevard , and the Tel ...  אל הספר
טרמינל, כתב עת לאמנות המאה ה-21