ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL CONSULTING No . 21 | August 2015 Editor Israel Katz Editorial Director Tamar Gross Editorial committee Tamar Blitz Iris Goldberg Linda Jakob Language Editor Nili Gur Arye Zofnat Institute P . O . Box 8515 , Jerusalem , Israel | Zofnat @ Zofnat . co . il © All rights reserved Zofnat – Institute for Research , Development and Organizational Consulting Translation : My philosophy in psychotherapy S . H . Foulkes ; Translated by Merav Buchbletter Translation editing : Bruce Oppenheimer S . H . Foulkes was a psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst ( 1898–1976 ) . He was best known as the founder of “ Group Analysis” . The article included in this journal was first published in 1974 and is translated into Hebrew for the first time . In the article , Foulkes promotes several central notions which reflect his world view and build on dominant psychoanalytical thinking of his time , most of which is still relevant today . Foulkes establishes the foundat...  אל הספר
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