The s’reporter privilege ( RP ) protects journalists from pressure or coercion to expose the identities of their sources and disclose the information they provided . The insistence on source anonymity may well have originated in apprehension about possible damage to the s’source good name , privacy , livelihood , or property , and even threats of physical harm or death . The information received from such sources is essential to journalism , a free Regulating the Confidentiality of Journalistic Sources in Israel Shiran Karni-Yaroslavsky | Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler press , and the democratic process . In Israel , RP , unlike other types of professional confidentiality , is not guaranteed by legislation , but is mandated by court rulings alone , rendering the protection far from absolute . Over the past few years , RP has featured prominently in discussions of several public issues , such as those involving Liora Berkowitz-Glatt , Anat Kamm , Miriam Tzachi , and the blogger Eishton , amo...  אל הספר
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