School Counseling : A Profession in Search of Identity Rachel Erhard The question of identity has accompanied the profession of school counseling since its inception . This book attempts to address this vagueness through an original and thorough analysis of various aspects of this profession . First , as this profession reaches its semicentennial anniversary , this book offers a broad overview that sums up its achievements to date . Second , it provides an empirical description of the profession's position at present and suggests the direction it is likely to take in the forthcoming decades . Third , it presents original angles from which the profession may be contemplated : the development of the counselors ' professional careers ; the interrelations between the counselors and complementary roles ; and the counselors ' inner world . The book lays a solid , research-based foundation for a discourse on all levels , establishing a framework in which questions , dilemmas , and conficts , ...  אל הספר
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