Membership in a Terrorist Organization Liat Levanon Overview Section 25 ( a ) of the proposed The Struggle Against Terrorism Law , 5771-2011 , would provide that membership in a terrorist organization is defined as a crime carrying five years imprisonment . The section–which would replace the current scattered and outdated legislation that criminalizes such activity–raises the question of criminalizing mere membership in a terrorist organization , with the justifications for such a step , as well as the appropriate scope for its reach in a liberal democratic regime . After a brief survey of the current law and the proposed legislation , the study examines the offense of membership from three perspectives : firstly , in view of the protected values and the system of constitutional balances arising from them ; secondly , in terms of the theory of similar offenses in criminal law ; thirdly , from the comparative law perspective . This three-part examination reveals that the proposed crime...  אל הספר
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