Over the last four decades and more , the controversy regarding the definition of Israel’s borders and the future of the “ territories” ( whether called “ occupied , ” “ administered” or “ liberated” ) has been a central part of Israeli public life . In time , a clear correlation has manifested itself among Israeli Jews between religiosity and political positions . Study after study has shown that those who define themselves as “ religious” or as ultra-Orthodox ( Haredim ) are clearly on the right wing / hawkish side of the issue , and oppose territorial concessions . In addition to this statistical correlation , many of the claims against withdrawal are based on religious principles . As a result , the resolution of this dilemma does not only relate to security , strategy and ideology but also entails a potential tension in the relations between religion and state . This tension is especially manifest in the Religious Zionist community , as many other religion / state issues have been...  אל הספר
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