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The World Trade Organization From GATT to the WTO Arie Reich This article describes the evolution of the World Trade Organization from the signing of GATT in 1 947 , to the creation of the various Non-Tariff Barrier Codes in 1979 , the establishment of the WTO in 1994 in order to provide an institutional framework to administer the various agreements , and until today , when the organization is in the midst of a new negotiation round — the Doha Round . From a modest beginning as a provisional protocol signed by 23 countries , the WTO has evolved over half a century into an international organization of close to one hundred and fifty member states , with a broad mandate and much influence . The article discusses the central principles of the WTO agreements , the ideas on which it is founded , and the components of the multilateral trade regime created by the WTO for the promotion of free trade and reduction of protectionism . The article also discusses the powers of the organization and...  אל הספר
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