Territories Unraveled


Territories Unraveled I re n a G o rd o n Territories Unraveled Curator : Irena Gordon Jerusalem Artists House 9 June 2018 – 4 August 2018 The territory , whether concrete or metaphysical , contains semantic fi elds rich with meanings and interpretations which constantly expand and become strati fi ed . It is a space that begins with the individual ’ s body . Never separate , it depends on the individual and continually returns thereto . It is a survivalist signi fi er which strives to be clear and unequivocal , but in many respects it is fl uid , calling for wandering between identities , ascriptions , and displacements . In his Eye and Mind , Maurice Merleau - Ponty de fi ned the imaginary as “ much nearer to , and much farther away from , the actual . " The search for real and imagined territories is integral to the constitution of the self and other , a practice which takes place concurrent to and intertwined with a process of unraveling and deconstruction , elimination and reformulation of the sign . Textile as a material , as a coded image , as an object , and as an age - old artisan tradition marks boundaries and distinctions between the human body and its surroundings , between the domestic and the public , the feminine and masculine , the self and the other . Hence it is rooted deep in questions of gender , belonging and exclusion , abjection and puri fi cation , narrativity and decoration . As a craft , textile is a prolongation of the body , of the productive , skilled hand . As a substance and a functional object , it signi fi es the body in space , forming an extension which continues it into the world . The text , too , is a territory , a marker at once concrete and abstract . Gilles Deleuze and F é lix Guattari noted that “ the concept is not object For that very reason it has a ] פ [ but territory . past form , a present form and , perhaps , a form pp . 12 - 13 Hannan Abu Hussein , Untitled , 2018 , readymade , installation , variable dimensions Photo : Shlomo Serry עמ׳ -13 12 חנאן אבו חוסיין , ללא כותרת , , 2018 מיצב , רדי מייד , מידות משתנות , צילום : שלמה סרי

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