Tel Aviv 2000 - A Concept-less Garden City


Tel Aviv 2000 - A Concept-less Garden City Some have envisioned Tel Aviv as a garden city like Strasbourg , Rome , or Paris . It was an unfeasible dream . However , the dream of the garden city was transformed into an Israeli version , where there are no absolute rules and laws . The gardens were designed by a principle of "contingency " . Like a virgin , Tel Aviv's innocence was taken by surprise and it remained a concept-less city of gardens . When you think of all this from a current point of view , you realize that people with sensitivity to beauty and aesthetics merely realized their desire " to make something beautiful " , to create the appearance of a garden , which they accomplished with the materials at hand , borrowed from nature . The plants changed hands , for free , by credit , by loan , and by barter . They grew wild , rendering the appearance of "beginners ' jungles " , and likewise Little Tel Aviv developed into a bustling metropolis . All this vegetal bustle yielded an enchanting ly naive turnout ; an engaging mixture of hibiscus flowers and bougainvillea bushes in orange-purple hues , captivating the beholder . Everything is so arbitrary and devoid of botanical logic , that you are fascinated by the magic inherent in such an impossible combination , and filled with the desire to draw nearer to the simple plants as well as the more elaborate and delicate ones . The gardens "in between " the buildings are an invention of a different kind ; a proposal for a different perception of the backyard garden in the city of Tel Aviv , and it is so Tel Avivian . I was sitting opposite actress and member of the Tel-Aviv City Council Gila Almagor , in a conventional , uninspiring office in the Tel Aviv Municipal ity building . How generous to let the guests see the sea . Gila was sitting with her back to the view , as a metaphor for the perception of the architects from Odessa who planned and built the city with its back to the sea . They designed streets running parallel to the sea , none save Allenby at its far end , leading to the seashore , as one would expect in a coastal city . 1 wanted her to see the sea , to see the blue in her eyes . I didn't dare . At the end of the second millennium something optimistic and significant ought to be said about the city of Tel Aviv . One minute before the bug turns off the lights , I suggest we give Tel Aviv a nostalgic , compassionate gaze . Indeed , it is not a city of gardens , but here and there it is a thrill to discover a piece of plowed land in Jaffa , and to smell in the air the wonderful scent of a universe washed by the rain ; to experience the exquisite moments of magical , hidden sites that have preserved a fine scent of Jasmine flowers in building gardens ; to marvel at the sig ht of ducks swimming in the water within a hidden tropical garden in the Yarkon River Park ; to follow the bright yellow oenothera flowers seen through the keyhole created by sculptor Dov Feigi n at Gan Ha ' atsmaut ( Independence Garden ) , and just think of the romance encapsulated in their Hebrew name - 'Candles of the Night' ; to be enchanted by the wondrous herb garden invisible to those dining at the famous Tarbush restaurant in Tel Aviv . This is a brief journey , overflowing with green fragrances ; a route consisting of a collage of photographs taken by artists , mainly those who are Tel Aviv-based . It is an attempt to share with the readers of Terminal an unusual experience of discovering secret corners in ostensibly familiar , mundane sites . It is not an invention of a different Tel Aviv , but rather a desire to change the shape and form of gardens and pay heed to the beauty of plants . לואש 'דשב רצחל הסינכב ץ \> , סימש תינליא 20 תונמאל ביבא-לת ןואיזומל ךומס , 9 ךלמה llanit Shamia

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