TABLE OF CONTENTS ז Preface ט Introduction Addendum : Letters from Jerusalem in the el-Amarna Archive , II The Dawn of Jerusalem - Abraham Malamat 13 Physical Conditions on the Development of Jerusalem - Rehav Rubin 1 Chapter I Jerusalem and its Environs : The Impact of Geographical and TRANSLATED BY Z 1 PPORA RaINEY , INTRODUCED AND ANNOTATED by Shmuel Ahituv 23 V Between Egypt and Jerusalem , and the Destruction of Jerusalem - to j 0 siah - m 0 rdechai cog an 67 IV Royal City and Temple City : The History of Jerusalem from David Protohistoric Times to the End of the Iron Age - Aren Maeir 33 III Jerusalem before King David : An Archaelogical Survey from _Ze'ev Herzog 155 VIII The Temple of Solomon : Its Plan and Archaeological Background - VII the temple of solomon - avigdor horovitz 131 Period - Ronny Reich 93 VI The Topography and Archaeology of Jerusalem in the First Temple Abraham Malamat 85 Gabriel Barkay 233 XI The Necropoli of Jerusalem in the First Temple Period - X Jerusalem's Water Supply in the First Temple Period - Amihai Mazar 195 Benjamin Uffenheimer 175 IX The Religious Significance of the Temple and Jerusalem - Shmuel Ahituv 383 Addendum : Seals , Seal Impressions and Coins of the Persian Period - Sara Japhet 345 XV The Temple of the Restoration Period : Reality and Ideology - Background - Hanan Eshel 327 XIV Jerusalem under Persian Rule : The City's Layout and the Historical XIII Jerusalem in the Persian Period - Joel Weinberg 307 XII Hebrew Inscriptions of the First Temple Period - Daniel Vainstub 271 XVI The Environs of Jerusalem in the Iron Age II - Nurit Feig 387 Index 423 Bibliographical Abbreviations 415 Sources of Illustrations 414 List of Illustrations 411 Maps

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